Vinyl Liner Replacements & Renovations

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Pla Mor Pools is central Virginia’s number one authority on vinyl pools and have been servicing the Richmond and surrounding areas since 1968! Does your pool need a facelift? We can help! Our technicians are highly trained and specialize in vinyl liner replacements and renovation. We provide the highest quality products and peace of mind for the home owner because we never use sub contractors—all the work is done by highly trained Pla-Mor employees. We take care of you from start to finish!

Signs Your Vinyl Liner May Need Repair

Your pool’s vinyl liner will deteriorate over time, which will cause it to leak, shrink, wrinkle or tear.  When this occurs, it is critical to act quickly since leaks in the liner can cause costly damage to the foundation of your pool.  Call our Mechanicsville location to speak with a service professional who can assist you. Depending on the age, chemicals used to maintain the pool and quality of liner, we can help determine if the liner can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.  

Vinyl liners will also fade or become stained over time as it is exposed to UV rays and pool chemicals.  Replacing your vinyl liner will not only protect the durability of your pool, but it will also refresh its appearance. We have a number of patterns available that are sure to bring a fresh new look to your vinyl liner pool.

Revitalize Your Poolscape

Pla-Mor Pools is known for not only vinyl liner replacements in our community; we’re also known for our talents in pool restoration and renovation. We use only the latest construction techniques and best materials to protect the integrity and durability of your pool and its new additions. We also have the best pool automation products from today’s top manufacturers, including control systems and automatic pool cleaners that will save you time and money.

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Call Pla-Mor’s Mechanicsville location for a written estimate and to explore your pool vinyl liner replacement or renovation options!

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